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“The Sculpture” Installation

At the center of the main hall of the University of Arts in Tehran, there was a wooden sculpture, a figure inspired by the earthquake of Bam in the South-East of Iran in 2003: symbol of a tragic event. The sculpture was created using classic woodwork methods: a silent object that would not have been appreciated for years.
Based on this sculpture, I launched a multimedia project. I aimed at using different pieces of work to create a double status between past and present, old and new, static and dynamic, silent and loud. The reaction of the audience was also to be part of the project.
I started by designing a structure to hide the sculpture. A cubic volume, each side of which will be transformed to a different frame of images. I thought of different models for this. The idea was that each side represent a different dimension of humanity. I wanted to implement a dynamic and contemporary manner to represent the silence hidden in a classic sculpture, and to analyze this movement from past to present in a different atmosphere.
For me, apart from its title and its concept, the sculpture was a symbol of a traditional medium that I tried to question in the context of multimedia work. On each side of the structure, there was a huge frame where a visual event took place, with varying lights, colors and nuances.
Finally, the work was accomplished: a structure with four sides, and four different frames. I chose a piece of music for each, that the audience could listen to using pipes extruding from the base of the structure, and that communicated with the image. I went on with the creation process based on my initial idea and concepts. I presented the work in Autumn 2008 in the public space of the University of Arts in Tehran, on the Bam sculpture.