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“Distortion” is a series I am working on since 2020. I will update the description...

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“Accumulation” is a series of video-installation, completed in Summer 2022 after years....

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Duet is an attempt to create dialogue and dialectics between two parts of a pictorial space. We do not have two different images or two different...

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In the installation “Heads”, we confront a dialogue, with defied borders. Representatives of Good and Evil are explored and captured in this contemporary pictorial...

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Propagation is a series of painting-installation comprising two large central canvases and 48 small canvases installed in the space surrounding them. It is a historical, social and critical...

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The Other

“The Other” is the border between movement and waiting; entanglement and separation. I have tried to exploit different possibilities of the pictorial space and the painting medium to obtain...

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